We grow community by reimagining local business.

Our aim is to catalyze opportunity investments, by providing relevant small businesses with the tools and strategies they need to compete in the mobile-first marketplace.

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Invested in
a new take on
Main Street America.

We're a St. Louis-based Venture Studio on a mission to enhance Main Street businesses at the heart of the American economy.

Our Fortune 500 experience in brand strategy & customer experience—coupled with devotion to change management & professional development—aims to scale select private companies. We believe this 4x commitment is the recipe to restoring local community and producing great investment yields.

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Our approach



We follow global trend reports to identify business sectors and areas poised for long-term relevance and consumer interest. Then we look to regional businesses that currently serve demand or fall short, quickly finding those with a healthy foundation and mixture of variables to see growth quickest.



With targets in hand, we dive deep into industry forecasts, best practices, competitive landscapes and iterative business plans to analyze prospect performance under the Fourfold model. Our intense research phase can take up to 18 months and ensures our commitments meet forecast KPIs.



Each target Fourfold pursues takes on custom change-management strategy built around a flexible suite of tools that streamline communication, project management, client cultivation and marketing. Professional development is our focus to new model on-boarding.

Made in STL

Fourfold proudly founded in Saint Louis, MO — a vibrant city with national accessibility that touts a collaborative support system for economic growth through world-class academia, talent and infrastructure.


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Featured Partnership

Fourfold is invested in the burgeoning innovation community at work @Cortex. We see cybersecurity as a critical challenge requiring collaboration and communication to raise acumen and strengthen an industry that is essential to protect our future. That is why we're a founding partner to The Global Center for Cybersecurity @Cortex, working hard to spread a mission of inclusivity and approachability to a profession that is seen as notably niche and cryptic.

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How we scale small business

We're amidst a new level of consumer expectation that demands a frictionless and self-directed user experience. There are many quality businesses and brands that fail to meet this expectation. Fourfold targets those opportunities, bringing them back to the cutting edge.

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Digital Discovery

Word-of-mouth has taken on whole new meaning. Our SEO/SEM, paid media, influencer advocacy and content marketing expertise ensures an inbound pipeline for individual business growth.

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Customer Experience

We take the precious moments consumers spend with our brands as a sacred opportunity to reduce any sales friction and create moments of delight that can feed the cycle of digital discovery.

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Integrated Delivery

Enterprise communication and project management tools that are cloud-based are an easy and affordable way to drive efficiency in our businesses. Once integrated, we act on insight from realtime analytics.

Our partners

Fourfold was conceived and founded by husband and wife partners Audrey and Ryan Brown, bringing together branding, design, marketing, CX, change management, operations, finance and talent development disciplines.