Originally founded in 2013, Rock Creek Granite combines state-of-the art technology, artisan handcraft and commitments to waste reduction, and resource efficiency with an innovative vision to better serve residential builders, commercial businesses and everyday consumers. The operation's strategic location at the heart of the nation's interstate system, with future port access to global supply, make it well-suited to advance the possibilities of custom commerce.

Rock Creek Granite
Custom Commerce

About the company

New trends in home design, coupled with expectations born thru the COVID recovery have led to a dramatic surge in demand for durable surfaces that are elegant, non-porous, sustainable, economical and safe. Rock Creek has more than met this demand, while working to set a new standard for an industry starved for new marks of leadership:

  1. Woman-owned
  2. Handcraft-assisted automation
  3. 95% recycled water-use
  4. Employee benefit programs