Our vision is to become the leading platform for sustainable and affordable construction material solutions. Fabrack's LiDAR-enabled and AI-assisted measurement capability enhances the planning process for new projects in a way that reduces waste by optimizing layout and reusing remnant material. This technology began in the granite countertop industry and is made available to fabricators and consumers alike who look for easy and economical ways to get the most use out of valuable and precious materials.

Fab Rack
Network Business Model

About the company


The founders of Fabrack have a wealth of experience in the construction industry, with expertise in product design, construction management, and entrepreneurship. This combination of skills and experience makes them well-positioned to lead Fabrack in its mission to revolutionize the construction industry by reducing material waste.

Vito Mantese is a seasoned entrepreneur with a track record of successfully launching and growing more than 12 products across various industries. With a passion for St. Louis City real estate, he is acutely aware of the amount of material waste generated on a regular basis. Leveraging his extensive experience in logistics and software engineering, he has embarked on a new venture with Fabrack. With his expertise in building efficient and scalable marketplaces, and his experience with logistics on a global scale, Vito is committed to making Fabrack the most compelling and sustainable marketplace for the reuse of materials.

Ryan Brown has built a career traversing disciplines in digital design, communication & customer experience with an extensive portfolio of nationally-recognized consulting projects in B2B, finance and technology. After serving as Chief Strategy Officer at Interpublic Group’s New Honor Society, Ryan co-founded Fourfold Futures with a plan to acquire and scale businesses within industries that have been slow to digitally modernize. Upon acquiring Rock Creek Granite in 2023, he immediately recognized an opportunity to improve how the construction industry serves consumers by addressing material waste and its direct impact on the environment.

Audrey Brown's extensive experience in operational and finance management includes that of ThomsonReuters and big players in the construction space like Desimone Consulting Engineers, who have achieved structural wonders using state-of-the-art technology all over the world. From New York to Macao, it was projects within these major organizations that inspired the need for more efficiency in planning, estimating and collaborating with localized agents and sparked a vision for what Fabrack could be today.

Early Hires

The team's first hires will be in fulfillment, ensuring that orders are processed and delivered correctly. As the team scales, we will increase our technical presence by hiring additional data scientists and software engineers, as well as additional onsite installers.

The annual TAM is estimated to be $89.18bn, driven by the increasing demand for luxury goods, acceleration of DIY home improvement and the consumer consciousness of the threat of global warming. We're seeking interested parties whether investor, employee or customer who share our conviction that to better the world—and potentially save it—we need to dramatically curb the needless wastes in serving our luxury living demands.


Fabrack is in early prototype development and seeking funding to help offset development and fulfillment costs. Expected gross margins of 80%, gross margins and an average revenue per user of $4.9K. First pilots are beginning later this month.


In summary, Fabrack is an innovative and promising greentech startup that addresses a significant problem in the construction industry. Fabrack's innovations in LiDAR and AI applications that are specific to the design-build industry, has the potential to reduce material waste and contribute to a more sustainable future. With a strong founding team and clear business plan, Fabrack is a compelling investment opportunity with the potential for significant returns.